1 : Please Have Bed Ready

This 1909 postcard features the Winter Gardens and Wellington Pier in Great Yarmouth. Both, it would appear, are still standing although the Winter Gardens is closed because it is in a bad state of repair. Like all such scenes of 100 years ago, it looks less crowded and somehow on a larger scale than present day views. Piers such as this were traditionally the location for variety theatres and it would seem that this card was sent by a performer. The message is as follows:

To : Mrs C Fortescue, 1 Durham Road, Winchester Road, Lower Edmonton.
Dear Mother, Just a line hoping you are quite well. Shall come home on Saturday night so please have bed ready as I shall retire early. I shall come home straight from Brixton after rehearsal, I expect about 11 o clock pm. Love to Dad and yourself. Yours Bert.

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