Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Pint Of Milk And A Slice Of Cold Bacon

Fifty years ago someone may have been looking over my shoulder and said "why on earth are you taking a photograph of the pantry?" The answer would have been "I have no idea". But as I scan through reels of old film I realise that scenes change little, people change slowly, but domestic details such as this change lots over time. This was the age before the refrigerator was common. The age when milk had to be bought in pints each day, and when bacon was stored on a cold slab under a bit of greaseproof paper. These days it would be the stuff of historical documentary. But, I remember them far too well.  (Scanned 35mm negative. Mid 1960s. 1511C-42)


  1. Really? in the mid 1960s you didn't commonly have refrigerators? Or is that date wrong and the photo is from ?

  2. We always had a fridge because my grandpa (best friend with Jane & Katie's father Mike) went a little crazy and bought one in 1938 because he thought there was going to be a war. Fancy that. He was right.

    But I remember people keeping milk and other stuff on the window ledge - that's the outside window ledge - to keep them cool. Not in summer obviously.


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