Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Perkins Engine And Two Pounds Of Hornimans Tea

Dear Joan,

This is a photograph of mother and I which George took when we went on a omnibus outing from Almiria. it was such a hot day but mother insisted on wearing her big woolen coat - you know what she is like! Some of the hills were so steep I feared the 'bus would not be able to climb them, but George said that it had a Perkins engine (whatever that means!) and it could climb any hill so long as it took it slowly.

We are here for another week before going north and then slowly making our way home. I can't wait to see you again to catch up with all the gossip!

How is Phyllis? I got a letter from her last week but she said nothing about Edward and I don't like asking her direct just in case he has gone and done it again. You know what I mean!!

Mother sends her regards and asks whether you could order her two pounds of Hornimans Tea for when she returns.

Love from


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