Tuesday, 28 June 2016

QF1059 : A Toby Jug Of Thin Folk

A Toby Jug Of Thin Folk (QF1059)

The first thing you notice about this unknown trio is that they are all so thin. This must have been taken in the immediate post-war period when rationing had made folk lean and healthy. And then you see the matching arms, like handles on some human Toby Jug.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

QF1050 : Queuing For Santa

Queuing For Santa (QF1050)

This must be the 1950s. The clothes say 1950s, the fact that children were prepared to form an orderly queue says the 1950s (wartime rationing was still a part of the national psyche), and the restrained nature of the gifts echoes the same decade. Those chairs stacked on tables would be considered a heath and safety danger in these modern times.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

QF1041 : Sandcastles And Warships

Sandcastles And Warships (QF1041)

There are no real clues to either the location or the date of this tiny snapshot, but the warships have an interwar feel about them - can warships have a feel about them? - and the coastline has the look of the English Channel. Sandcastles and warships - the very essence of the 1930s

QF1038 : Half A Household

Torn Postcard - Eight Women in Household Uniform (QF1038)

There should be a separate category of old images entitled "torn photographs" containing photographs than have been torn by intention rather than by accident. Divorces and family arguments produce torn photographs, but occasionally the motives are more prosaic. This looks like part of a photograph of the staff of a large house or institution. Back then - perhaps the 1920s - wages were low and photographs expensive. Perhaps two people shared one photograph.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

QF1016 : The Woman With The Genetic Stare

Beanland Family Archive Collection (QF1016)

This is a scan of a print that was part of a pile of "unknown" photographs that I inherited from my parents. The most noticeable thing about her is the strength of her stare - it could bend iron bars. My mother had a stare like that, so perhaps this might be a picture of one of her relatives. It could even be her mother - Kate Kellham - although it doesn't look like the other photographs of her I have in my collection. But that stare - it's almost genetic

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

QF1013 : Scarborough Fade

127 Format Negative (Walkley Collection) 1940s  (QF1013)

Despite the fading and the scratches, the view from Scarborough Castle wouldn't be all that different today. But there are far too many people on the beach for the twenty-first century.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

QF1006 : Desk Top History

Standing Man At Desk
CdV By The London Stereoscopic And Photographic Company (QF1006/7)

This wonderful Carte de Visite of an unknown man probably dates from the late 1860s or early 1870s. The desk was the kind of studio prop that was ideal for supporting subjects during lengthy sittings necessitated by slow shutter speeds. The London Stereoscopic And Photographic Company was one of the first studios in the UK to specialise in stereoscopic photographs. When the craze in stereo photos began to fade in the late 1860s, the company moved into other forms of studio photography such as the production of CdV's. The London Stereoscopic Company still exists and is dedicated to spreading knowledge of, and interest in, old and new stereoscopic photographs. It has a excellent web site (hosted by Brian May - yes that Brian May) which explains more about the company and about old stereoscopic photographs.

Monday, 20 June 2016

QF1005 : Mr Torley Reads The News

Mr Torley Reads The News
Photograph From Unknown Collection - 1930s  (QF1005)

A photograph of a man walking down the street reading a newspaper. On the reverse is the following information : "A Torley, 99 Whitehall Avenue, Cardenden, Fife" I have no idea who Mr Torley is (was) but a quick Google check reveals that there is currently a Torley's Bar in Lochgelly and Cardended, Fife. Maybe Mr Torley was reading the Business Opportunities section of the newspaper and there was an advert for a bar for sale. Who knows!

QE381 : A Family Of Smokers

Two Men And A Boy - All With Cigarettes
Unknown Subjects and Date (QE381)

A novelty studio shot, probably from the first decade of the twentieth century. One sincerely hopes that the young boy's cigarette is nothing more than a studio prop.

119 : Three Soldiers

Three Soldiers : Unknown Subjects (c.1940)