Monday, 27 March 2017

86 : From The Studios Of Walter Morice

This Edwardian Cabinet Card of an unknown couple comes from the studios of Walter Morice (1862-1942). He was born in the King Cross area of London and by the time he was twenty he had established a photographic studio in Lewisham High Road. In 1899 he moved his studios, and his residence, to Rushey Green, Catford, in South East London and he remained there until his retirement in 1926.

I would guess that this particular portrait dates from just after the move to Catford. The fact that the woman is wearing what appears to be mourning clothes might suggest that it was taken in the immediate aftermath of the death of Queen Victoria in January 1901.

The lack of any type of studio background and the lack of the studio props that were popular in earlier decades also suggests a portrait towards the end of the studio card era.

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